Sunday, November 16, 2008

The road to the goal......

Liz went to the trial this weekend with me, we worked on our ATTENTION, tricks and obedience, and of course there was a lot of playing to do and a lot of dogs and people to meet. She actually did very good especially the second day, but I guess all these increasing expectations just wear her out! Even with all her social obligations she was better at loose leash walking then she ever has been and we had some awesome recall practices and she was tugging and playing really well until the end of the trial when I think she was just getting tired.

The road to your championship will not be a smooth, wide and easily traveled freeway. No, great accomplishments are never realized without first having to endure steep climbs, hard falls and sharp turns. The key to your success is perseverance and focus. Keep your focus on that which you desire to accomplish, your championship, and continually discover ways to, and ways not to, achieve your goals. Fall down and/or get knocked down 10 times and get back up 11..., and in so doing learn, grow and move closer to your championship.
-Greg Werner

So, I read this and it made me think of my Little Lizardo Lizzie. She was looking so fabulous doing so well at agility, and then in our lesson last week it really seemed like she could not understand jumping a line of three jumps, she was crossing behind us-I hadnt seen that before, poor girl was totally looking like a spazz. Of course this was right after I sent the check and had entered her in her first trial, hummm, might be an interesting day! The road with Lizzie has been a long one and I really notice lately as we actually come close to actually working together that I really notice the two steps forward and one step back pattern. Maybe I notice more because I feel like we are so close and so my expectations climb. For so long I just really was working with a vague hope that one day Lizzie and I could actually pull it together and really make a good team, but now that that goal feels so much closer and actually seems attainable, it is harder to sit back and exercise patience.

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it's all about the journey.