Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Breeze practice Feb 4,09

This little course I set up is from Clean Run Feb 09, this is the first exercise. I couldn't get the camera to see all the jumps at the same time, I ran out of room up against the fence. One thing that has changed is that I put some of the jumps to 18 inches and her jumping still looks pretty good to me. This week Alicia was showing me how to sometimes not get so far ahead in some parts of courses so you can continue to show motion. In certain places even if you can get way far ahead of the dog then you have to stop, so this course seems to have one of those examples in it. At first I tried to run by getting way past the tunnel, but that left me sort of standing before the next jump, but by hanging back to just past the entrance of the tunnel it kept me further behind and showing motion going to the jump and then theoretically slowing down to show there was going to be a turn. Well, looking at the tape I need to work on that more. The other thing I was supposed to work on was behind within the plane of the jump stantions when I am doing a rear cross, that is another cue that a rear cross will be happening. Breeze did read that rear cross or the left really well in my opinion. Another thing I am very happy with is that Breeze is starting to read the first obstacle instead of wanting to run around them, always helps to not have an NQ before you even start, LOL. I was just sort of shocked how well we did the first two times we ran this, so I hadn't brought out any more of the courses or thought about how to do them, so we stopped and ended on a good note!

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Diana said...

You must be having warm weather, your wearing short sleeves. Lucky. Diana