Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Cherry's teeter is coming along

I raised the criteria today and this is the first time Cherry is trying this. This is a really LONG video-so you might not want to watch it, it is the whole session-unedited of Cherry's teeter training today. I put the table legs lower so we are getting close to a real teeter experience. I wanted to post the whole video because I really liked watching how Cherry was figuring the whole thing out. I could see the wheels turning and her figuring out how to handle her body. Now I would NEVER just put a dog on a teeter like this of course, I have seen too many fear issues and I would not want to take a chance on a dog getting hurt, but we did a lot of training before we hit this point. My whole goal with Cherry's teeter is that she can handle her body and understands totally how to control the obstacle. She knows how to jump off/jump on and she has been very comfortable with the movement and the noise--Anyway, the end goal for this obstacle is in sight!!!! I did do a longer then normal session because the wheels were just turning in Cherry's head and I wanted to give her a chance to work it out, and I could see her doing that toward the end!

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