Saturday, February 21, 2009

Just hanging out on a Saturday morning

I spent the morning going to a trial to work on some attention with Lizzie. I brought Lizzie and Breeze. Lizzie was an angel, after a few minutes she settled down and was great, listening, not over the top and before we left I put her on a long line and she did some terrific recall work. She has been such a good dog the last week! The couple of years of Really Reliable Recall work, and repeating all the sessions of the recall class and all the practice FINALLY seems to be paying off-YIPPIE!!!!

Breeze was a NUT! She was snarky with all the other dogs there, and apparently children are really upsetting her, as are men, and I guess life in general, she was even doing some shaking in the car on the way down there. I wonder if it could be possible that she is not feeling well? She did a lot of alarm barking, so I went through a huge amount of treats doing some control unleashed work, more specifically the "look at that" game. When will she turn three???? LOL, unfortunately if that is the magic cure it wont be happening until September. I thought Liz would be the challenge today but I was wrong.

The weather was gorgeous and I haven't been to a trial in awhile so it was great to see Eric and his lab Molly(who was looking very fit and happy running), my favorite male border collie Dillon with Kara(Dillon is looking very good, he has some really pretty weaves and was just all about doing his job), and we had a really great time visiting with my friend from agility class Denise with her Collie Kodi.

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