Tuesday, February 3, 2009

5 week check at the vet for Breeze.....

Well, we began the day with a trip to the vet to measure Breezes legs, poke and prod to see how she is holding up with her increasing activity levels. Her hips were out of adjustment, but not badly so, and her back is staying in alignment nicely-the last few times she was having problems with that but it is looking good today. We got the OK to play around with slowly raising jump heights and seeing how it goes. All in all she seems to be handling the activity and agility well. YIPPIE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can not tell you how happy that makes me. I had to increase her adequan I give every other week IM to bi weekly, for awhile I was trying to go to every third week, and she is still on the cosequin, and the Sam E. I was told that her skin looks like she needs some foods to increase blood flow and is looking a little off and I should add in some more protein sources and more dark green veggies, so Breeze was happy to hear that the vet feels a little more beef and some tuna would be good for her, I am sure she wanted to stop and start that on the way home.

My dogs eat raw so I can give kibble for treats and they love it and think they are really getting a huge treat. I found a new kibble that looks pretty good and so far seems to be getting the thumbs up. It is called Pure Vita, and so far they seem to really like it ....although.....the last type I tried was Before Grain-Buffalo and Chicken, and a fish formula-they just were wild about that those, so we will see if they like this new one as well.

I am looking forward to some really fun agility stuff the end of this week-meeting with some old friends I love to work with,it should be a whole lot of fun, but there is a lot of rain forecasted so I am holding my breath and really hoping that I will be able to do what I have planned.

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Diana said...

Im glad Breeze is doing so well!! Diana