Monday, March 16, 2009

Accupuncture and Chiro appointment March 17

Breeze got to see the holistic vet today. Last visit she had her back pretty badly tweaked, so we had to adjust some of her training. That was three weeks ago, and after a couple of days of rest right after her adjustment Breeze has worked pretty much every day since that visit, but with some other precautions. Today her back was very slightly out and her right hip was rotated up a little-but then it always is, but the vet was very happy with how she was looking. It seems a good way for us to see how Breeze is doing is to watch how her back is doing. When Breeze's hips hurt she compensates and her back gets out of place, you can actually see the little roach bump in her back get more pronounced. We are continuing with the exercises and stretching and jumping but making sure the sessions do not last too long and I am using her Back on Track dog coat before exercise, between turns in class and after exercise. I really have been pleased with the Back on Track coat so far It is made with ceramic fibers, it isn't really super thick, it covers her whole rear end/up the cervical spine area and even has a little zipper to let her tail out. The jacket is supposed to help the muscles cool down more slowly, increase the blood flow to the area before exercise and they have some small studies with horses that showed it helped their gaits. What ever is working right now it is terrific to see Breeze doing well, she enjoys being active and is is so sad when she can not be as active as she would like to be.

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Diana said...

Very cool. I hadnt heard about that coat. Im going to check them out. thanks, Diana