Sunday, March 22, 2009

Breeze playing and Keeping busy

I really LOVE to watch dogs playing, I could do that all day-this is Breeze being crazy and her really happy self while we are training, this toy has great floppability as you can see. Breeze has a lot of fun when ever we do agility but she just gets so happy when we are working at home.

Since the last month has had a lot of windy, cold or wet days I have been doing some knitting and these are the results. All these socks have a real heel flap and gusset so I am pretty proud I have got that down-not long ago socks were a weird mystery to me. The striped socks were done in a stockinette stich and are made of a wool yarn. The brown/pink socks are from my buddy at Lazy Perry Ranch-she hand dyes the yarn and has an internet shop-the link to her blog is at the side of mine. The pink/brown socks are worked in a pattern called Openwork Rib, the grey/pink socks were worked in a double moss stitch and are using a yarn called Tofootsie-which is a really stretchable yarn, then the yellow/brown socks were made with yarn from the Lazy Perry Ranch/those are in a basketweave pattern. The black ones are this really neat pattern-I wish it showed up better on the picture. It turned out really nice and shows the dog hair really well, the pattern is called scrolls-and is just really lacy looking. That yarn is my favorite, it just feels so nice, I think it is a BFL fingering weight from Lazy Perry Ranch. All socks were knitted on a size 0 needle and all the yarn is fingering weight. The patterns came from Sensational Knitted Socks and More Sensational knitted Socks from Charlene Schurch. Between those great instructions and the help from Collette from LPR, I think these all turned out really nice. There is also a scarf I knitted with a chenelle yarn which I hated working with, the color changes were just no fun and the ends of the yarn would not co operate and stay in place with the color changes because the yarn is so slick-that yarn was definately NOT from Collettes shop-she wouldn't do that to me or her customers!


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Collette said...

You did such a nice job Kathy!! The scarf is really beautiful despite the difficulties you had. The colors are striking!!

I wish there was a closer up picture of the yellow ones. They don't look very bright there but I will just have to wait to see them IRL on Wed:)