Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The United Nations has nothing on me!

What happens when you have two teenage girls and need to redo a bathroom-the hall bathroom that guests, the kids and the hubby use? Well, I may have pulled off my most awesome feat to date-we got the bathroom redecorated and I believe everyone is happy except my hubby who has to balance the checkbook. When coming up with the theme my younger daughter wanted wild, bright monkeys with bright greens. It was a very cute idea and I could have been happy with it, but the older teen was not seeing it. The older barely teen is all of a sudden liking sophisticated things, stripes, and lots of dark colors. Ooops, not a good way to marry those two ideas. So then we went around with a world map theme and my younger wanted some really cute penguins.....Well, all of a sudden I found some really cool monkey pictures. One had a green border and one had a pink, but a soft faded sort of look. So I was able to get both the girls to agree on a monkey theme with a shower curtain that is green with circles-a very spa looking thing, with monkey shower curtain rings, some spa looking towels that match the shower curtain and little embroidered monkey hand towels on top of that. I never thought we would be walking out of that store with everyone happy and totally on board, and every thing looks beautiful together. so we have the painting done and should be all done this afternoon. All we need is to pipe in my friends phone ring tone with is something about a monkey and spanking and we will be all co ordinated. I was so sick of that bathroom but no one could ever agree on what to do with it, so how cool is that to have that done? UNFORTUNATELY I will probably never get all the paint off my body or out of my hair, but guess that is a small price to pay!

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Diana said...

I hope you plan to post a picture. It sounds cool. Diana