Tuesday, September 1, 2009

more handknit socks.....

California has a lot of fires in our area, there are two fires that are in our area, not close enough to come anywhere near threatening us, but close enough to make it very smokey and the air has fine ash.

Given the air quality it has been a quiet couple of days, our classes got cancelled and outdoor exercise is just not a good idea so the dogs have been hanging out and napping, the girls have been reading and I decided to finish this pair of socks I had been making. These socks are a pattern from a friend of mine, Collette wrote. I got to test them to see if the pattern would work for everyone and they worked just fine. The yarn is some hand dyed from Collette too. The interesting thing about this pattern is that it is for socks that go up to around the knee, and guess what,....everyone has different measurements, so the calf and the ankle and the length of the leg all have to be adjusted for each wearer. Collette did a marvelous job in addressing that. Collette sells her yarn and patterns in a shop that is listed on Etsy, which is an Internet site that has a lot of crafters that sell their goods in their individual shops, check it out sometime. http://www.etsy.com/ Here is Collette's blog that also has a link to her shop so you can check out the crafting she is up to http://lazyperryranchblog.blogspot.com/

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Epicurus said...

Better late than never:)
Your socks look wonderful Kathy!! I am getting ready to list the pattern this weekend. I need Don to model for me so I have pictures for the listing. I have been dying yarn all week to go with the pattern which I will list at the same time. Thank you so much for testing this for me. I couldn't do it without you!!