Friday, April 2, 2010

Videos from AKC nationals...

One day these might be our runs....but not today for sure! I found some of the highlights from the AKC nationals. I was in and out of the house too much that weekend to subscribe to get the feeds so I was excited to find some of the winning runs that I had wanted to see. I loved watching how they all got that last tunnel entrance, even though most of the handlers were behind, and the last runner, Daisy Peel and Solor, she is my hero being able to get out there and get a FRONT CROSS into that last tunnel entrance, YIKES! I would have died attempting that, LOL.

The winning runs of the AKC Nationals in the regular class.

Congrats to Breeze's brother Blink who got forth in the 24 inch finals-way to go Blink and Tracy. Tracy owns Breeze's dad Blew and has been so terrific in the past helping me learn handling and even used to have me over for practice sessions and really helped me out when I was first training Breeze. Tracy and Blink won 2nd in jumpers out of 82 dogs to make the finals, yippie! It was really to see how terrific they did. Breeze says YOU GOOOO BROO!

Also Congrats to Breeze's litter mate Zing handled by Gabrielle B who made the finals-way to go!


Sam said...

Good looks and talent must run in the family. Breeze's bro and his handler did an awesome job.

I really get chills now watching these videos because I've experienced just a tiny sliver of what it means to compete.. it's so amazing what people can do with their dogs when they put their time and energy in to it!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Thanks for sharing those videos! Some amazing runs by such talented dogs and handlers!

Congratulations to Breeze's brother!

Kathy said...

I love to watch top handlers...I remember a list of tips to help handlers improve their skills in clean run a few years back to where they suggested watching top handlers to help yourself progress in your skills, and guess that makes great sense to me. ;-)

The only thing bad about having some of Breezes very talented relatives is that I can not use genetics as our excuse we do not do better then we do, hahahahahaha. BUMMER. I love Breezes dad and her brothers they are such nice dogs and Tracy has been so nice to me, I was tickled to see how well they did.