Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Another first for the Crickster!

It must be spring fever, but it feels like we are finally shifting into high gear here. Our recalls are looking good and we are having a blast with the Susan Garrett course, because it is the second time around it is so much easier to take the games to the next level and we aren't struggling with the mechanics of the games, so we just get to have fun.

The Sylvia Trkman puppy course is a little intimidating-even though the lessons are not that hard, we are making good progress on our assignments but boy there are some fellow students that seem to be making amazing progress, way faster then our progress,a good reason not to indulge in comparing ones self to others...but it has been fun and I feel like we are doing fine.

Since I had my hamstring injury shortly after Thanksgiving...I have not been able to run so I have not worked on a full dog walk. I knew I would not be able to properly reward it or help Cricket out if I could not move. Well, today my leg is FINALLY starting to feel better and I can move a little more then I could so we tried our FIRST FULL DOGWALK. I had no idea how it would go, but considering this is her very first try......I am really excited with how it looks. Our hold at the end seemed to have disappeared somewhat....although toward the end of the session it seemed it was coming back to Cricket, but I am going to have stick to my criteria on that because I do believe Cricket is prone to getting a little excited at times.

We had a very sweet song to go along with our first try, but geeze, I tried to upload my video to youtube and first off I uploaded her first AFRAME video (not the dogwalk), so I had to delete that and then I uploaded my video with the nice song and they muted it....so I had to go back and put in another song -about that time this song was sounding fun, LOL, and youtube has not muted it, yippie!!!


Marie said...

She looks great! I so want to get the equipment back out in the field, but we are expecting a another batch of snow storms this week. I want summer!!!!

Sara said...

Cricket makes us all smile!

Boy, she really understands your contact criteria. Amazing for such a young dog! You've done a fantastic job of not rushing the whole process. What a wonderful trainer and role model you are for all of us.

Ricky the Sheltie said...

First of all so glad to hear that you are finally feeling better and can run! What a long time it took to heal. Very happy for you!

Cricket looks amazing! Gosh you do such a fabulous job with your dogs! From the joy on Cricket's face it is so obvious that she loves to work with you! She is a super star!

Jules said...

Nice job Kathy and Cricket!! I am glad to hear your hamstring is feeling better, too.

Diana said...

Its looking great!!!! Im so glad you leg is better. Wow, that was a long haul.

The SG games. Miley didnt get the "hide and seek" one at all. It didnt matter what I did. She just lies down and looks at me trying to figure out what the heck is wrong with me. LOL

Sagira said...

WOW...what a good girl! Good job Cricket! :)

Morganne said...

She looks awesome! You are going to have so much fun with her. I love her enthusiasm.