Saturday, April 30, 2011

How Bizarre


I have to say it feels so weird today....I have been alone and have the house all to myself. That does not happen very often but my husband took the girls to San Diego so my youngest daughter can go to a swim camp. I have been home taking care of the zoo. Kimmie the cat got outside last night and I could not find her for a long time,... I would have been dog meat with the kids if they were off for the weekend and I lost their cat-I was SO relieved when I finally found her. Kimmie is not allowed outside but sometimes she gets DETERMINED to get outside-laying in wait for the door to open so she can dash out. The kittens Ashe and Pixie were little terrors all night running all over my face and wrestling next to me while I was trying to sleep. I wonder if they do that every night?

Emma's swim clinic is at the San Diego University. I can not believe how self confident and focused she can be, and she was very excited to go to the clinic even though she will not know anyone and it will be a totally new environment. The clinic is for sharpening up turns-which is something that she has been working on....and how to get a little more speed. It sounds totally cool but the kids will swim about 4-5 hours today, have lunch and go to the college bookstore. It is really cute how they seem to treat the kids like the little athletes they are. I love being able to watch Emma do something she seems so focused about and has such fun doing and watching her gain a so much confidence.

I am just tickled pink Emma got to go and that she has found something that she really seems to like. It is really cute because when we are leaving practices there are always a couple of kids that will come up to us and tell her how fast she is or that she should be doing some swim meets, it just seems like a great little group that all seem very supportive of everyone, I think the coaches are pretty strict about everyone working together and not forming cliches or not supporting their team mates. It is suprising how Emma has never complained about all the work and is now talking about wanting to get ready to actually compete in some swim meets.


Sara said...

Enjoy your alone time. Although we all those pets, I guess you're really never alonenow, are you?

WOnderful that Emma has found a nice little niche for herself.

Nat said...

Glad that you found Kimmie! She sounds like our older cat Shadow, who can slip past our feet and out the door in a second, when we're going in/out of the house.

Sounds like Emma is well along on her swimming journey! It's great that the other kids are so supportive and accepting of her.

Priscilla said...

It's always lovely to find out what our children like and they are capable of. It seems Emma is doing very well and I wish her all the best.
Very soon you'll be surrounded by all your kids again, so enjoy your home alone time now!!!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Congratulations to Emma on getting to go to the clinic and on how well she is doing with her swimming! Very cool!

Hope you enjoyed having the house to yourself although with the dogs and cats you still had your hands full!

LauraK said...

Good thing you found that Kimmie- that's always an unsettling/panicky feeling. Enjoy your time with "the zoo"- I know how you feel when my parents go out of town :)

Very cool that your daughter found one of her passions in life, we all gotta have some of those. And I am SO glad that I'm not the only one behind in the recallers course lol- I'm now a week and a half behind, but hopefully I will be able to get back on track- starting TODAY! Enjoy your time alone- do something fun for yourself!

Diana said...

LOL, crazy cats!! When I was a kid, we had this cat who would try to wake you up in the morning. First she was nice and rubbing all over you. Then when you didnt get up, she bit you in the head. LOL
Emma's camp sound like fun, well at least for someone who likes to swim. LOL

Morganne said...

That is so cool that your daughter is passionate about something at this age.

Hope you're enjoying your brief "vacation" at home ;-)