Sunday, April 10, 2011

Breeze with the Spring Flowers

The California Poppy Field Preserves April 10, 2011
PHOTOS BY KAREN MOUREAUX-thanks so much Karen!

Today Breeze was the special doggie of the day-she was chosen to go on a special girls day out adventure!

First we went over to Leona Valley for a herding trial, a place I have never been. I had a heck of a time even figuring out even the general are the town was at, much less how to get there. We got there in time to watch a lot of duck herding, which seems so tedious and hard, and one duck even got hurt, which means...the owner of the dog had to buy the duck, YIKES, I do not think that is something I am going to take up anytime soon, but it was fun to watch. The ducks were very smart and did not want to move away from the gate where they get let out at the end of the run, they were tough ducks. Breeze was a little miffed that we just went to watch, she wanted to show everyone how herding is done-it has been awhile since she saw sheep and she knows it is high time to get back to herding.

I have only been to a handful of herding trials, but they seem much smaller and definately a different 'vibe' then agility trials. This was a very small trial and there had to be less then 20 people total there, just a handful of dogs. Within minutes of being there, the person who owns the ranch had come up and got my name and introduced himself, a lady who is involved in the Border Collie club had asked if I would like an application to join, I had met a few people that I ended up hanging around with for the rest of the trial, it was a very friendly crowd. Before I left the person who owns the ranch came up again and asked if I had any questions and gave me his card, web site address, etc..

Karen who is Breeze's breeder was there. Breeze has not seen Karen in at least a couple of months and it was so funny because Breeze was whining and crying and would not leave Karen alone. Geeze Louise, Karen does not feed Breeze, she does not throw the ball for her....but she gets that reaction? I have never seen Breeze act that way for me. I guess she LOVES her original Momma. After the trial Karen was kind enough to suggest going to see the California Poppy fields and getting a few pictures of Breeze. I LOVE them and I can see a floating frame for four photos to hang in the hallway with my dog pictures.


Sara said...

Breeze looks beautiful amongst the poppies.

Ricky the Sheltie said...

I love those photos of Breeze with the poppies! She is s gorgeous dog and poppies are one of my favorite flowers!

The herding trial atmosphere sounds wonderful - very different from akc agility. I would love to get into herding and have been thinking about figuring out how to do it.

Diana said...

Beautiful pictures!!!

Jules said...

Gorgeous photos! It sounds like a nice day for you and Breeze. :)

Rocket Roxie said...

She look FABULOUS!
Love the pics
Can she get cuter?

Sam said...

A couple of the breeders in my area report the same when they see puppies that they've bred, even after an extended period.

Sounds like Breeze has a special day out, and GOSH those pictures are beautiful!

Priscilla said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures!!
Breeze looks so beautiful in the flowers, you must frame those pictures up!!

I have heard of dogs that still adore their first owner/breeder. Don't worry. I'm sure Breeze loves you just as much!

Morganne said...

Beautiful Breeze! (the flowers are pretty too ;-)

Sagira said...

I LOVE those photos. So pretty.

Herding is neat to watch. I am hoping they do dog camp again this year so we can see how Bokeh likes it. Sagira was scared of the sheep.

Stacey Steimle said...

Incredible photos!!! Breeze is Beautiful!!

Nicki said...

Great photos!

Pam's Dog Academy said...

AWESOME photos! Breeze looks amazing! She is a beautiful dog!