Wednesday, April 27, 2011

If Breeze can not do agility....perhaps we can join the circus, LOL!

Breeze is too funny, I wanted to work on pivoting on the bowl. The way this was supposed to go was Breeze would put her front feet on the bowl and then walk her back feet in a circle with the front feet on the bowl. Breeze remembers we were working on putting four feet IN a bowl, so guess she thought this was a variation of that trick. The balancing is really hard for Breeze when she has to get all her feet so close on a small area, she knows what to do it is just physically challenging, sweet Breeze is willing to try anything if there is the promise of a ball to play with ;-).

On the personal front, I went to one of those hair cutting places where you get who ever is there to cut your hair. I had no waiting but after the guy started cutting my hair.... he says it had been a slow day and he had been in the back watching videos on youtube before I got there. As he is cutting my hair he says he had seen a video showing some sort of technique for cutting hair and he was wondering why they had done it like that but he said it was working really well and he liked it. WHAT??? He was trying something he had seen on youtube and was not sure what the purpose of the technique was. YIKES, I have to say it all made me a bit nervous. It did not help when I said I wanted a little layering in the front and he was doing some heavy duty layering in the back, but once he cut a few cuts and I realized how much he was layering, what was the point of complaining, I figured at least we should make it all even. LOL, not to worry the hair cut seems OK, but it was a bit of a scary experience.


Greg S said...

When I first got Rip (he was 9months) one of the things I taught him was 'Perch' - basically to put his two front feet up on something like a upside down bucket or phone book etc. I eventually worked that into what you were trying, where he kept his feet on the perch and walked his back feet around in a circle.
Now he's 3 and he perches on everything! Its cute so it always gets rewarded, but its like a big smile comes on his face - look dad, I am perching on this ;)

Sara said...

Breeze is so funny, and so eager to please so she can get her beloved ball!

Gee, that sounds like a horrifying hair experience. Couldn't he try it on his sister or something :)Glad it all turned out ok.

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Breeze is so cute and so willing to keep trying her version of the trick!

You were brave to survive that hair cutting experience! Hope you think it turned out ok in the end.

Diana said...

Breeze sure is trying hard to figure it out. She is sooo cute.

I dont think I could have sat thur a hair cut like that. Good for you. Im glad it turned out ok. My hair has been bugging me. So yesterday, at work, I went in the bathroom and cut my bangs. LOL

Jules said...

Wow! What a good girlie!

Brooke, Phoenix, Cessna, Aspen & Canyon said...

i think it's so cool to see dogs who try and offer you whatever tricks they know in an effort to get what you're asking for. My dogs aren't as good at offering stuff, so it's really gotten me thinking and trying new things from time to time :)

Sam said...

Oh, that's not cool at all. He shouldn't have been practicing on you! I would have been terrified. I'm happy it came out OK!

Looks like Breeze has been keeping plenty busy. :)

Sagira said...

Video is really cute. I should take a video of Bokeh doing his 2 on 2 off training for you, it looks pretty similar where he doesn't want to stop watching where the food is going but sure is searching for where to plant his back feet. LOL

That would be very scary about the hair cut as well. Luckily my niece does hair so don't have to worry about that and I only get my hair cut every 2 years so I can donate it.