Sunday, June 12, 2011

Cricket and her Pretty Pink Ball, it was fun for awhile...

Cricket and her pink ball...just because she is so cute. I am having troule with the videos playing on the web site now, so I put the links in case they wont play from here. All of a sudden I am feeling so computer challenged-nothing feels like it is working, ;-)

Anyone can jump in anytime if they want to work on their weaves, and this is a training challenge only so there should be no pressure to hurry or rush through anything, it is designed to help us see any holes in our training and give us a chance to have really independant weaves, ;-).

Pam and Twix got right to work and here is a link to their video for week 1-she even added in some distraction with her squeeker ball:
they got right to work and posted week 2:

Ricky and his mom got right to work and did FANTASTIC here is a link to their blog where you can see their video:
Nat and her dogs will be joining us and Selina and her dogs-so it should be fun.

I started a week earlier so we just did the second jump position=the jump is a little to the right of the first jump. I was pretty suprised because the last test we had no problem with the recall through the weaves, but we did today. I left that in our video. We had to work through that so I will stay at this level a few more tries until I feel like we are really solid.


Sara said...

Awww, that poor ball. Cricket was having a great time too! Bummer it didn't last :(

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Awesome week 2!!! Cricket is going to have the best weaves ever! Week 1 was not tough but it's going to get more and more challenging as we move that jump! But it will be fun!

Priscilla said...

Cricket did have a good time with the pretty pink ball!

The weave works are awesome! She's fast!!!

Marie said...

Ok, we got an attempt at position 1 of the weave pole challenge. Here's the link to the post on Dare's blog.

Thanks for letting us play. Hey, if you get a chance and see anything that you think we're missing in the details of this challenge, please point them out to me. Cause when I re-read the instructions I realized that I'd done several things wrong. LOL

Marie said...

By the way, Cricket is looking awesome!