Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Learning to Run ;-) Avoiding Trainwrecks

(this is what it sometimes looks like when Cricket and I run, LOL)

I was on the road a lot yesterday traveling to do agility with a friend who is visiting from out of state. I worked with Alicia for a few years when she lived her, but she has since moved away. I managed to go from Point A to Point B yesterday without getting lost.. I did not end up in Sacramento like I had the week before ;-), (Yippie!).

I used to have no doubt Cricket and I could do anything together, just because we were determined, I had no question in my mind...but lately I have had my confidence somewhat shaken. Working with Cricket at this stage is either super exciting and a total rush, or just scary wondering how I will ever figure this all out. We either look like we are dancing or it is some sort of train wreck, not a lot of inbetween.
It all feels like an such an awkward stage. I am remembering now that running a baby dog has a lot of highs and lows, it is never dull or boring!

Not suprising Cricket is doing FANTASTIC at individual skills, and she has plenty of drive, she is SUPER FAST, of course she does not totally get the game yet so she has to be supported just as all baby dogs do so I can not yet get as much lateral distance as I need to move to the next area Cricket will need help at. When that happens there are sometimes little collisions, or Cricket and I both sitting and looking at each other totally confused, her wondering where to go next and me wondering how will I ever get there? POOR US!

My friend Alicia is a good person for me to be working with right now because I have been feeling somewhat intimidated-I can totally see how I can keep up once Cricket does not need to be supported as much as she does now, and once she gains the confidence to not check in quite as much, but for now it is a real challenge to keep up with the baby dog, because I am really slow. Alicia always been good about just having a quiet confidence in me when we are working together which makes it easier for me to just take a breathe and take one step at a time without panicking. Alicia is just visiting from out of state but I am not sure I can allow her to go home at the end of the month ;-). I think we just have one more week together and that is definitely not enough time to get us straightened out, LOL!

I keep reminding myself of the biggest rule for this whole thing, it is all a game and should be one will live or die if I get to where I need to be for a front cross, LOL, at the end of the day if we are lucky we will all go home and the dogs and I will cuddle up and watch tv or read a book together-that is what really counts.
And yet more WEAVING UPDATE: ;-)

I have to say it is so much fun seeing how many of the dogs/people have been doing so well and I for one have noticed how confident and happy the dogs have all seemed in all the videos. That is just so cool!

Miley and Diana posted a video of them working with their weaves in the second jump position, check out how fast Miley is and how happy she looks-like how happy does that have to make you to see your dog doing something you taught and looking so happy doing it? They did awesome

Dare and Marie got their week 3 challenge done-WELL DONE! Check out how Marie is rewarding Dare after she comes to her in the recall. Seems like a great idea ;-).


Sara said...

What a great post Kathy!

I look at Chewy and think, wow, he's going to be a completely different type of dog to train compared to Oreo. But, I guess it is nothing to worry about. Chewy will make me laugh no matter what. Smiles are way more important than Q's and titles.

The photo of the train cracked me up!

Kathy said...

Thanks Sara, dont get me wrong, having fun is by far most important, I just have to admit I think I am a little suprised it is more challenging at this moment, just getting in sync, I think I have gotten used to my buddy Breeze who at this point understands me and covers for her slow mama.

Nat said...

Haha, thanks for giving me a good laugh with that trainwreck line! Although I can't imagine you and Cricket resembling anything of that magnitude! :)

I guess the faster the dog, the more time it takes for the handler and dog to kind of figure each other out in terms of handling. With Cricket's speed, some bobbles are definitely to be expected! But you and Cricket are doing fantastic and I'm always so impressed when I watch her videos; I'm sure you two will completely gel as a team in no time! :)

Diana said...

I can so relate to this, except I don't have a baby dog. Great picture of the train really adds to the words "train wreck". I'm glad you having fun with your friend.

Ricky the Sheltie said...

I love what you say here! You have such a wonderful perspective on everything!

Priscilla said...

Your post really cracked me up! I love how you see things and relate them to life!

Sagira said...

Your post always make me smile. Have fun working with your friend. :)

Anonymous said...

Love you clip art lately. Well, Dare is no where near as fast as Cricket or Miley, but I certainly feel like we're a trainwreck today. Think I'm going to get some sleep and see what I think tomorrow. LOL