Friday, June 17, 2011

Wish Us Luck!

Cricket and I are off today to a fun match. It is the first fun match that is not at the local club-a totally new place for her. Why did I leave packing until this morning? It is never the best plan to do that, and geeze seems like ya need a lot of crap for trialing in hot weather. ;-).


It has been so cool to see all the great weaving and how great all the dogs/handlers are doing with the weaves. I hope everyone has been having fun with the training.

Dare has an awesome week 2 video-they are looking great, check out how great Marie does at running TO the thrown toy as a reward.

Check out Miley and Diana-look at Miley go, she really looks like she aced the first jump position!


Priscilla said...

Good Luck!!!

Have fun too!

Sara said...

Can't wait to hear all about it!

Diana said...

Good luck today and have an awesome time. Im sure you will because Cricket is just doing great!!

Sagira said...

I think I am too late in wishing you good luck. But glad you had a good time. :)