Friday, June 10, 2011


I have to admit I stole this idea, and the instructions from Amber Abbott who is from Arizona and is a FANTASTIC trainer who has great training ideas-her students are very lucky ;-). You can email me and I can hook you up with her if you want to sign up to do the challenge with her. Otherwise seems like we could informally do a challenge amongst ourselves with anyone who is interested. I am signing up with her ;-), so that makes me feel a little better about stealing the idea. The training is based on an article by Rachel Sanders from Clean Run.

I would like to do the challenge with some others, so anyone who wants to join it, just let me know. I would love if people your videos to inspire everyone else. If you don't want to post on your own blog, or don't have a blog send a link of your video to me and I can post it to my blog so everyone can take part. If you can not take video or can't video, have no friends who can video or what ever.. then just email me when you pass a level so you can get credit, see how easy it is? Everyone can play! My email is if anyone needs to ask questions, would like any help or needs to send me something. Knowing how everyone else is doing will help the rest of us keep going and make it easier for all of us to keep going. Perhaps anyone who wants to do the challenge can even post a little gift they promise themselves or their dogs if they complete the entire challenge by the end of September. If no one else wants to do it, then that is OK too, LOL, Cricket and I will be working on our awesome weaves, LOL.

I think this is something that people should work at their own pace, I like having structure so that is why a challenge is good for me to make sure I finish all the weave pole training I would like to do, it is so easy to get the weaves "good enough" and then stop, always with good intentions of coming back and finishing up the training, ya all know how that goes! So seems like a good guideline to suggest you try to do a challenge a week. That is seven handling maneuvers from a jump to the weaves with the jump staying into one place, then when your dog has got that position down, you move to the next jump position.

The Goal:
the goal is to teach our dog how to enter and finish the weaves, TOTALLY in dependant of you.

How many Weaves to use:
because you are having your dog attempt the poles many times you want to limit the poles to six poles. When your dog really understands this training then you can try the long set of poles. Also I would not do the weaves more then six times each session.

1. use toys or a target so you can reward your dog in front of you and to keep your dogs focus forward, esp on the send exercises. It is always good to run to the toy when your dog gets it and tug and play.
2. Weaves can be tough on dogs physically. Don't do too many reps and do not do this work everyday.
3. End on a positive note, in your next session repeat the last thing you ended on. You do not need to do all seven positions in one session.
4. Do not go move the jump into a next position until the dog has mastered the one they are at!


For the first week place one jump about 16 feet in front of your set of weaves
these are the maneuvers you will do:
1 RECALL-stand behind the poles, and call your dog over the jump. If your dog has trouble doing all six poles, just stand between the 3rd and 4rth pole and try again, rewarding when they get to you. Set the dog up again and go one pole further back, repeat until they can do all the poles.

2. RUN PAST, DOG ON LEFT-your goal is to keep a brisk pace and be ahead of your dog. You want to start with your dog at the jump then race past them while they are performing the poles.

3. RUN PAST DOG ON RIGHT-done the same as #2 just with the dog on your right.

-without leading out, send your dog forward to the poles, move behind him from one side to the other with a rear cross before the weaves. KEEP YOUR SHOULDERS FACING FORWARD AS YOU MOVE.

-same as #4 just cross in the opposite way.


WITHOUT LEADING OUT OR MOVING FORWARD send the dog to the poles. Throw your toy as a reward, timing it so that it reaches your dog as they complete the poles, then run and play with them. If your dog is having problems, lead out to the poles (or further if needed) and release him to the poles, stand still as he passes you to complete the rest. Reward, then try again,without leading out as far.

Just the same as #6, you just start with the dog on your other side.

After your dog can EASILY do all seven maneuvers with a jump straight onto the poles you can move to jump position #2 with all seven maneuvers. Continue like the picture shows.

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Nat said...

You have a participant! :) I'm excited! I'll be trying this out with Wall-e.

Cricket is doing great and is so speedy!! I bet she'll have super wicked weaves once you're finished working through all the exercises.

Ricky the Sheltie said...

These exercises sound great!! I would love to do the challenge - not sure how fast we will progress but we'll try! Thanks for the idea!

Cricket looks amazing with her weaves!

Pam's Dog Academy said...

YaY! We are up for it! Bandit needs to work on his weaves anyway and this will be very helpful. Twix is still not on fully closed 2x2's. I am taking it slow with him. :) So, maybe he will get there. :) Very Cool! BTW, I know that I will need help with the dog walk some more. Twix is still not going across the full thing yet because he will jump off. :(

Sara said...

Kathy! I'm so impressed by Cricket's weave. Holy independent!

If Chewy were older, I would totally join your challenge.

Priscilla said...

I'm always amazed by your enthusiasm and systematic ways of training your dogs. You're so well-organised and determined.

You guys did really well, Cricket was amazing with her weaves.

Diana said...

Wow, cricket looks great!! I'm not sure I will join. I'll let you know.

Sagira said...

I read about this on Ricky's blog. I had to share the link with my hubby since he is the one who does the work with Sagira. Maybe I can talk him into joining. :)

Lian said...

WOW! That's awesome! Eventhough I have done all these with my dogs but I like to redo/refresh again. I am joining the game!

Brittany said...

Ooo! I want to participate!!

Hobbs weaves are really good in practice, but when we get to the 12 poles at trials he get a little intimidated and slow. Hopefully this will help!

Geraldine said...

Kathy, I would like to join with Jive, as you said you get to a certain stage and think they are good enough, but when you get trialling things are very different. So I will try and make a start this week sometime.

Marie said...

Ok, I'm super late...been out of town. Can Dare and I still join your challenge?

jrvl said...

oo, looks like fun!

Cynthia said...

I wrote the stuff down and hope to do week one at home tonight!

Fenway said...

I've been doing this but not wtih such an organized plan. So far, I've learned from my dog that #2 and #3 make a big difference. I used to think I had to "nurse" him through the weaves at a moderate pace so as not to distract him or pull him out. Also, I thought verbals or clapping would distract. Well, WRONG!!! When I ran ahead of him, not only did he speed up by 25%, he forgot to bark his way through them. He also figured out his rhythmic stepping. Whooping and hollering out "Yeah, Good, etc." added to the speed and accuracy. I know all dogs are different but I encourage everyone to experiment with motivations.ves

Kathy said...

Good job Fenway-that is what the whole challenge is all about ;-)!

GoingFor'GoodDog!' said...

I am so going to do this! :D Great idea. And I'll get video too.