Saturday, January 31, 2009

My Weirdos

Not much going on today. Have to admit I am a bit bored. I was thinking about my doggies and some of the weird things they do. I would love to hear from anyone else whos dogs do weirdo things. I actually got a picture of all the dogs today when I went out to scoop poop-Chloe isnt there because then we would get a picture of Liz and Chloe fighting, so thought that was best left to the imagination.

*has to "nurse" on a blanket to get herself to sleep-when she was a puppy and she did it so bad I thought she was peeing on pillows because they would be sopping wet.
*always lays stretched out in the crook of my back and has to touch me as much as she can when she sleeps.
*If she is in the car and not in her crate she has to lie on top of the crates, squished up in between the crate and the ceiling so she is at the highest point and can look out the windows.

*will not pee out in public-when she was only six months old she went close to three days without peeing then peed on the bed in the hotel
*I keep taking away the tennis balls because Breeze has worn down her teeth so bad, so she gets rubber balls and other toys-Breeze can find anywhere I hide the tennis balls-I do not have a clue how she keeps getting them back. She can remember where a tennis ball is that was placed months ago.

*Chloe goes outside a sliding glass door and she always goes outside about five feet then the door closes, she goes NUTS, spins and runs back to the door and jumps about four feet high and slams against the door. This irritates all the other dogs.

*barks at the air, for hours....he barks to bark. Guess he is a sheltie....
*not such a cute weirdness, but Skyler will pick the biggest scariest dog in any class and if he gets off leash he will run and attack that dog-not biting but just running and nipping-enough to get himself kicked out of class and get himself into trouble. I know he does it because he is scared and no matter how much classical conditioning I do with him.....weirdo boy just thinks this is a good strategy.

*Cherry is actually pretty stable-other then wanting to climb right into a persons skin or lick everyone to death.....she really isn't too weird.

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Karen said...

It was beautiful out here at the ranch in Fillmore today. The USDAA trial is going on and it's not boring :-)