Saturday, April 11, 2009

Almost ready for a real trial, Yippie!

Today we went to a show n go, and by George, it went pretty well. I deceided today to think about the things that went really right....
1. I was smart enough to do the novice course, so my baby dogs would be successful, and since we have our first trials coming up a little confidence building and seeing how we would do on the type of course we will be doing sounded like a good idea.
2. I remembered to train my start line (well...except one time I let her go when it was really questionable if the release or the start was first....OK, I admit I think the start definately beat the release...) Anyway, in Breezes family there are a lot of jokes about it being genetic that all the dogs in that line have trouble with start lines because her dad has trouble so it has to be genetic. As much as I would like to blame it on genetics -which would of course mean it is not my fault.....I am thinking I am going to have to be really consistent because she used to stay pretty well but as Breeze is getting more excited about running agility the start line is really getting bad. So today I went back when ever someone wasnt running and did a start line, sometimes releasing her to a ball behind her and sometimes going back and sometimes letting her go.
3. We were at a place that we have been to once before-but definately not a place that is familiar to Liz, and there were a lot of different people, and lots of good smells but Liz did not run off once. She thought about it, but she didnt. Liz even ran with Alicia today and did amazing. We almost got through the whole course, there were a few runs around the outside of the tunnel-who knows why she will do that sometimes, but basically Liz really looked like an agility dog out there. Liz was actually thinking and it is amazing that at this point in time it is like every time Liz goes out to do agility it is more fun for her and more rewarding. Even more rewarding -dare I say it?-more rewarding then running off and the feeling fast movement gives her.
4. Breeze looked awesome physically and looked as sound as can be. She is jumping 16 and will probably do preferred, but she looks good doing it, and Liz is looking awesome jumping at 20 or 22-even though I think she will measure out where she could do 16 because she is a tiny girl.

So I think we are just about ready for Breeze to actually give an AKC trial a go, and none too soon, because we have an AKC trial scheduled and there is a NADAC trial next weekend. Still lots to train but todays show n go actually went pretty well.

After the show n go we went to the beach. Next time it will be Breeze's turn to get her beach video, but I just took one dog down at a time-Liz went first and by the time I brought down Breeze-who went with Hunda and Moose-I didnt bring down the camera so I could play with the doggies too.

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