Sunday, April 26, 2009

Lizzie-A new place, new dogs, and some fun agility

Today was the Fun Run Books fun runs locally to help collect books for the local group that goes into the schools and libraries and helps kids learn to read by having them read with specially trained dogs. A good cause, a nice day, and some agility what could be better? Little Lizzie run with Alicia today, and this is the dog that last summer could not attend a class because she would zoom off, she could not go to a new place off leash and some days it was hard to get a few jumps in a row. So today, a new place, new dogs, a lot going on, and running with Alicia and she was terrific. When we got to the place Lizzie got out of the car and was in the street, and can you believe this little angel (well, maybe not an angel....LOL) came back the minute she was called. She is really growing up to be such a good girl. It is cute because she LOVES Alicia, she loves to play agility with her. Lizzie is a really fun dog to run especially now that she is so into the game. She is really coming together nicely. I can not wait to see what a couple more months is going to bring!


Epicurus said...

It looks like fun was had by all. I can see how much fun Lizzie has with Alicia!

Diana said...

She looks great. You have done a fantastic job. Diana

ffluffy said...

I am going to steal Lizzie when you aren't not looking! I have always wanted an agility lizard.... You can have Hunda in trade! LOL!