Thursday, April 23, 2009


My younger daughter is at a hard age. Her older sister and the girls they play with love to play video games all the time. My younger one gets bored so she has taken to taking Cherry out to play with her. They are pretty good friends. They could both sit and throw the ball all day long. Cherry sits and watches tv with her and follows her everywhere, it is very cute. My daughter saved her allowance money for a chuck-it because Cherry slobbers the ball so much, LOL! Cherry had a FHO on her leg at about 7 months because she broke the top of her hip, and I am thinking it looks like she is not putting as much weight to push off on her rear leg lately. I had not been as good lately about doing the balance ball exercises and the sit to stand things, we have been doing more jump training things, so maybe that has to start again-but I think I am going to go through old videos and check it out. I was on the OFA site looking around and Cherry's OFA score is there, she is rated as "fair" on the non affected hip. Playing ball will have to do for Cherry for exercise today..she is going to miss her class because I can not fit all three dogs, and two girls in this tiny little rental car.

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ffluffy said...

You can kind of see her weird gate in the video. I love Cherry, she is a good dog. It is very cute that your daughter likes her so much! Hugs to Cherry from me and Hunda (he thinks she is sexy...)