Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bathroom Redo-take 2-non dog related

Well, I tell you when it rains it pours. Literally. A few weeks ago I redid the bathroom, whooo hoo, and it looked gorgeous if I do say so myself. So after I carefully picked out some pretty accessories and came up with a theme, after I carefully painted the whole thing, scrubbed and detailed everything and was finally happy with that bathroom....the bathtub sprang a leak. YEP, so the carpets got all water soaked down the hall way and into the living room. So that meant several visits by the plumber until the problem was finally diagnosed. I must say the plumber is VERY pleasant but I would much rather shoot the breeze with him in a social situation. So at this point we need to replace the bathtub, the carpet, and parts of the moldings. OK. We find a bathtub, and of course almost all of them were 30 inches and we needed 32-so the only 32 inch one that was in store was twice the price, of course, LOL. Today is the day that they pulled out the old fiberglass tub surround and put in the new tub. When they were trying to put the new tub in they had to pull the old tub surround out and to get the new tub in they had to cut a LOT of wall board/plaster out, and a huge hole in the hall wall behind the tub and they had to pull off all the moldings around the door-so add that list to the things that will have to be replaced. In my bathroom I found a toilet 3/4 full of glass because some of my little glass vases had fallen off the wall and broke in the toilet, so I got to fish little glass shards out of the toilet. Talk about a mess. To tell the truth usually when knick-knacks break it is not that bad because it is hard for me to get rid of things and this way some things are purged, it is just fishing them out of the toilet that was a bummer, LOL. Poor dogs spent the whole day in their crates or stuck in the back yard. So at the end of the day I have a pretty new unstained tub that will hopefully hold water, and it is deeper-YIPPIE. I have some beautiful walls of studs and insullation so we can not use the new tub and I have dust everywhere. I am so happy I redid the bathroom a few weeks ago, guess it will just go faster when the walls are patched, the tile goes in, and I can redo it all again. Of course I will be happy WHEN it is all DONE, but it is sure a mess today! The kids are pretty upset that there is a big hole in the wall so there is a nice view of the toilet from the hallway, LOL, so they had to rig up a cover to make sure no one looks!

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