Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Off to 2009 World Team Tryouts or Bust

whoo hoooo, I am all packed and ready to go on my weekend get-a-way. YIPPIE!!! No unfinished bathrooms, no flooding in the hall way threatening to make our hall way a duck pond, no dealing with my car getting fixed from the accident.
Sooo do you want to know where I get to go??? I am soooo excited, I am heading to the 2009 AKC World Agility Team Tryouts. I was lucky enough to have Alicia ask me to go and I have appointted myself to be Pickles Support Staff. Pickle is amazing and I am really looking forward to seeing his runs with Alicia, and there will be a lot of other really great people that I am really looking forward to watching.
It promises to be very exciting, I have not flown in ages and ages, and I have to leave the house at about 1:30, drive to Alicias and then we will head to the airport to catch our plane around 6 am. YIKES, I am a little nervous about that. When we get to Minnesota we will head over to the venue where there will be practice sessions, then there will be the draw for the run order. Saturday and Sunday will be the runs. -you can pay for live streaming of the event and they will sell DVDs of most of the runs-which is how I watched the tryouts last year, but this year I AM GOING LIVE! hahahahaha. I will try to get lots of pictures!


howard said...

Good Luck on your weekend get-a-way! Have Fun! Did you by chance see this news Winner of 'dream' animal shelter clashes with Zootoo?

Diana said...

Oh, how lucky!!!! Have lots of fun. Diana

Epicurus said...

I hope you are having a great time! Call me when you get back:)