Friday, September 25, 2009

Being a mom of tweeners

I was at Target yesterday with my girls, we were just walking around shopping. I saw a mom with two little girls in one of those huge carts made for the kids and she was trying to keep the younger one happy and occupied, the older little girl was helping her mom/sister and talking to the younger one too. A few minutes later my girls were both walking several steps ahead of me and quietly putting their heads together and whispering, they are very cute together. It hit me how many times now days my girls have their own little conversations and their own little world and not that we are not close, but ......things have sure changed from the days they would fight to be the one that was closest to me and could hold my hand and they were always vying to get my attention and to talk to me. I was the center of their lives. Now I have done a good job and my kids are just starting to really create their own lives and that is very happy and makes me very proud but also once in awhile I miss the whole intense closeness a mom has with babies and little tiny children. Another passage in life is in the making ;-).

On the other hand there are times when I can run out to the store and leave the kids home alone for a few minutes, or when my daughter makes dinner or when I got to go and watch Karen's pups being born and was able to go off for a few days and leave the girls with their dad, that is when I really do on the whole enjoy this new stage of motherhood too.

My doggies still look at me like I am a God, LOL, maybe that has something to do with why I enjoy my dogs so much, they do fill a place in my life, ;-).


Sam said...

Seems like you've got great kids! I used to fight with my sister all the time, too. Now we live mostly separate lives, but we do alot of the same things together, most of them involving Marge.

Diana said...

Thats good that your daughters like each other. I have a son and daughter and they still fight and dont like each other. They are 16 and 18. I keep hoping one day they will become friends.