Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The big freezer, who knew what was in there???

How do these things happen? I used to be so organized and somehow over the years my brains have gone to mush, or maybe I just lost my organizational abilities. I now am going to have to drive to get the meat for the doggies meals, and I map quested the distance last night and it is going to take me about two hours to get to the "source" of the meat at great prices, which was not a happy thing to find out, and the trip will take me through Burbank and LA, so not a trip I am excited about taking.

ANYWAY, so I deceided that I had to go through my big chest freezer and use everything I can to make sure I have lots of room before I make the big trek, number one because it is good to get the older stuff used and then I can plan on really picking up a load that will last awhile and make the trip worth it.

I really thought I was pretty much out of food and I can not believe the bounty of great foods I found, so the dogs are really going to get some variety this week!!! Tonight they are looking forward to Cornish Game Hens....Breeze is sitting and licking her lips as I speak. Breeze is a girl that likes her food. The point is how did I have this much food that I was not finding???? I have got to get back to organizing this all better. There is an amazing variety of food just hiding in between the icicles.

More cancelled agility lessons, this week poor Alicia is sick, so I have really only had one full lesson in the last month or two between torn pads, muscle pulls, fires, illnesses, LOL, yikes, good thing I have equipment in my back yard. I am going to have to look really hard to find some show n go's or something get where I feel ready to put Breeze in a trial, she was almost ready to start in standard runs when all training seemed to grind to a hault, but I really need to do a little more training with the contacts before it would be smart to try them out in competition. Signs ups are about to start in a few days for the classes here in town and there are always some nice courses laid out so I am looking forward to that.

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Sam said...

Mmm, meat! I'd like to start Marge on raw, but since I'm not the only one who feeds her, it's not feasible right now. My other family members would *so* not go for that. I'm looking to upgrade her to grain-free in the near future, though, at least. Hope the girls enjoy their hens!

BTW, I'm looking into that Dr Dodds thyroid test and am going to mention it to my vet's office tomorrow. Thanks so much for telling me about it!