Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Puppy Cams-fun to watch but be careful they can be addicting...

Sooo, you may have noticed I have done a lot more crafting now days, but I also have another new addiction....PUPPY WEB CAMS!!!!

This is for Hob Nob Border Collies, and I have to say I knew of Hob Nob and I had applied for one of their dogs before I got border collies, I know a lot of people with their dogs and I have went to her place and visited puppies in the past. I had no clue how much she does to make sure the little pups are given all the experiences I believe they should before they go to their new homes. I have had a blast watching her do the neuro stimulation program with the pups when they are first born, and I do not understand why everyone does not do that. Watching Jan stimulate her little pups,....it only takes a couple of seconds when she is weighing them every morning. The pups on this cam just turned 3 weeks old, and they got their first meal on their 3 week birthday then they got their little nails dremmeled, and then later in the day they played with a little toy that when they step on the buttons has music and lights. A few days later they moved to the living room, a little box with wood chips was introduced to encourage the pups to keep their area clean and to potty in there, and a wobbly board type thing was intoduced and some toys in the pen. It is very cute to hear and see Jan playing with her pups and she seems to have a pretty comprehensive schedule to make sure the babies are introducted to a lot of surfaces, noises and experiences. Jan is also very nice answering questions on the web cam and letting you hear all the little puppy noises, just too cute.

Nels puppy cam
this is Gabbys pup cam
The third web cam is for Bluffs pups.
This is Contact Point Border Collies pup web cam.
In the middle of the day there are usually 18 pups outside playing in their little play yard (Nel's and Gabby's pups get put outside together), talk about a puppy palooza!!!!! Those pups are 6 weeks tomorrow, so they are really all over the place.

NOOOOOOO we are not getting a pup from either of these places, I just like to watch the puppies


Diana said...

Puppies are so cute to watch. Diana

Sam said...

Ahh. I used to be addicted to horse foal cams.. I know it's a bad idea to start up with puppy cams.. I won't be able to take my eyes off!