Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Chloe-drop in on a class in our neighborhood

AGhghghghghghgh!!! Took Chloe to class today here in town, it has been about a million years since I have gone to that class, and this class is a few levels lower then the level we took last....but it was just what Chloe needed. Short sequences, a small class, and she really feels comfortable in that yard. So we worked on putting my treat pouch down on the ground by the start of the sequence and then we didnt go to get treats until we finished and I brought her over there. By the end we had the treat pouch where she had to run right by it, and she caught on really quickly, sort of glanced at the pouch and continued on. Always fun to go and work on something you know you and your dog will do pretty well at, not that we didnt have some bobbles, but just a nice relaxing class.
I got to bring out Liz and new yard, new equipment, new dogs, not a lot of dogs but they were dogs she didnt know, and wha laaaa she was a tad distracted getting to the start line, but once we start running she is just on it. She was looking so good, so confident and so fast, and reading everything really well except a couple of late calls I gave her, but we cant hold her responsible for that, LOL. All in all a great afternoon, especially since I do not have my regular agility lesson this week because Alicia is out of town :-( for the nationals, so....it was really nice to have another class to drop in on.
Does anyone notice that Liz seems to be on a real uphill spiral? I know we will have some back sliding but, gosh things just seem to keep going GREAT. QUICK FIND SOME WOOD TO KNOCK ON!!! LOL!

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