Friday, October 24, 2008

Class in Acton Oct 23, 2008

I was able to take Liz out of the crate, go to the start line and run a beautiful little run yesterday at agility class. I felt like she won nationals, LOL. It was dark by the time we were doing that or I would have video taped it, and drats I would have loved to have had that on video.....oooh well. Liz was not at all interested or excited by the other dogs, she just wanted to play AGILITY. Breeze is getting in much better shape-not tiring out as quickly and is doing very well and looking very sound. Breeze is funny because she gets out to do agility and acts like such a spazz, but she can just turn that off and on and get her head about her in a split second, she really is a neat dog to train. All three dogs were able to stay out in the yard in their crates and did very good even watching the class work. Chloe ran a little course to make sure she had seen things we dont see very often, like the panel jump, the broad jump, the chute....she did great but she has some sort of strange lure to the table and kept running out of her way to get there, that must be the object she is perceiving will pay this week, LOL, and she is not thinking that tables are for sitting, she knows we down on the table, so what do you want to be this weekend will be a sit on the table during the trial. Chloe is doing her first AKC trial at Woodley park this weekend, so that should be fun. I will be the weak link in this little pack this weekend. Since my back has been out the last few weeks I am way out of shape again, funny how fast my endurance can be lost. My back is finally starting to feel better so I hope to start my quest for physical fitness again next week, but for this weekend, I am afraid I might be a slow, hurting puppy, and definately the weak link in our team, LOL, poor Chloe she has a lot of handler problems.

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