Monday, October 6, 2008


YIKES, so Miss Breeze is once again causing problems!!! Just when I think we have everything handled, poor little girl. So this time Breeze has a little weirdness to her gait and is unable/unwilling to sit to stand and keep her left leg under her body so she was throwing it out in an odd way. Well a couple of days after that we went to class and I let the dogs run in the agility yard, which is what I normally do. So I was watching all the time and Lizzie, Cherry and Breeze were having a heidi hoo time running around and being wild and all of a sudden Breeze would not use her left leg at all. Of course she still was running full out on three legs. I of course had a sick lump form instantly in my stomach and got out her mat and started grabbing ice packs to sit down and stretch Breeze, put ice on her and figure out what the problem was. So I turned around and she wont use either back leg. Now I was really feeling sick. So I get Breeze over to her mat, and try to do my deep breathing, assuming that she has pulled something in her leg, AGAIN. Well, her whole inner thigh was just covered in hives, her skin was so thin you could tell it could just tear off without any problem at all. Her thighs looked like they had rope burn, they were blood red and splotchy, it was horrible and I couldnt figure out what happened. When I calmed down I noticed her breastbone was all red and bumpy too. So not knowing what to do I gathered everyone and everything and threw them in the car and headed to the nearest town to get some benadryl and a collar so Breeze could not chew on herself and make the situation worse. So turns out she had some sort of Toxic Allergic reaction to ????? something. I think that is why she was using her leg weird, she does have huge open, weeping sores on her thighs where it meets her body now. So now I am all weirded out trying to figure out what could have caused this and what to do. Everything in my house is getting washed with non allergenic soap, she is getting tea tree baths, she has had to have some prednisone just to get this all under control and she looks a mess. I did notice some nasty smelling somthing in the Acton yard and thinking perhaps it was sprayed or someone dumped something on the grass and Breeze brushed up against it or possibly there is even just some little bugs in the grass biting her because the grass is really long and there are a lot of wild animals that I think go through the yard-gophers, mice, owls???? ANYWAY, just getting really tired, you know I have had more health issues with breeze since she turned a year old then I have had with all my other dogs combined. I love Breeze and good thing she is the sweetest little girl, but goodness some days it feels like she is a train wreck. I keep thinking gosh this has got to be the end of her bad luck, and so when anything else happens it feels like such a huge thing because of the cumulative effect.
LESSONS LEARNED: If any allergic reaction is suspected, WASH the area off immediately. I should have hosed her down right away. I had thought of it but then I was afraid I was going to break open all the skin and make it worse because the skin looked so bad and so fragile, but I should have hosed her off. When in doubt probably a good thing to do.
I NEVER should have taken out the emergency first aid kit from my car, what was I thinking???

So as a consequence of this latest incident, which this is the least of my worries, but training has once again had to be put on hold because her skin is still raw and pinkish and she is cranky as all heck so I just dont think she feels really good. I just feel so bad for my little girl.

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Diana said...

Poor Breeze. I hope she gets feeling better soon. I usually keep benadryl in my purse just for emergencies for my kids or myself. I never thought about the dogs. Good to know. Thanks, Diana