Tuesday, October 14, 2008

migrating microchips

So when I had Lizzie into the vet to check her ears after she had been shaking her head more then usual, we discovered a little "cyst" at the base and just below the bottom of her left ear. Turns out the "cyst" was her microchip and it had migrated. In this case the vet feels that it will still be picked up if she is scanned.....which I am hoping to be true, but I think this points out the need to have the microchips scanned for when I go into the vets office in the future. Just to make sure they are where they should be. The bummer of the deal is that Liz is my dog I would imagine is the most likely in my pack to NEED her microchip one day. She is getting so much better at coming back but when she gets excited movement is so intoxicating to her that she is way more likely then anyone else to just get excited and RUN. I think she would be quite aways away before she would figure out that she had gotten into a situation she might not want to be in. ANYWAY, so I am going to make sure to have everyones chip scanned when we go into the vets office for other things.
On the positive side, Lizzie was a little angel today at the vets office. You know she can be such a handful at times, but she is the best natured little girl. She was doing all her tricks and using very good focus while we were in the waiting room, she was very good at just keeping herself from getting too excited. A little boy ran over and sort of jumped on her and was hugging and kissing her. Liz and Chloe are my only dogs that I have no worries if something like that happens. Liz just loved on the little boy and didnt even jump on him. When we took her to see the vet -she was wonderful with the vet tech and did her tricks (I was using a lot of tricks and keeping her mind occupied to help her keep her excitement under control). The vet was able to examine her and mess with her all she wanted and Liz was an absolute champ. We walked in on a loose leash and were able to keep the leash loose say about 80+% of the time and we were able to leave on a loose leash. See Liz is not just a hard girl to train, she is also one of the sweetest dogs I have ever had and except for her excitement, she has the most stable temperment and just handles so many things so well. I am really happy I have her, I sure would not have chosen her if I knew what I was in for....but ......I really am lucky to have her in my life :-) .

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