Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Voting/Juries/IRS, life's little pleasures?

Sometimes things that look so easy can be so complicated.....One complication in my life has been voting. I am in CA so I am registered to get an absentee ballot. I thought I was being so careful and reading all the information and I wanted to make my vote count and do it all right. I am putting the ballot in the envelope to mail I see a little paper that says DO NOT mark over your line more then once. WHAT?????? There are little arrows, actually very thick arrows and you are supposed to connect the one side to the other side to indicate your vote. My OCD kicked in and of course I felt like I needed to COMPLETELY make the arrow one continuous arrow. I spent quite a long time carefully coloring in my arrows...I will have you know. So then I was really worried my vote would not count, but a quick call to a friends who has a husband running for office, who called the registrar of voters and assured me I might be a pain in the rump-it might get kicked out of the machine that reads it, but the vote would count even if they have to hand count it, so ....yippie, it is all ok. I thought I was being so careful.

Then I also got a summons for Jury Service, like I get called at least every three months for say the last.....ummmmm 12 years. Since my kids are homeschooled and I have no one to watch them all day if I am gone to jury service and they couldnt be at the court house they have always ended up excusing me, but just one more hassle...LOL. Rest assured the day that I have child care they will have me doing jury service because they never tire of summoning me every few months, just in case things have changed......I know it is an honor and our duty and all of that and I respect that, but seriously what would I do with the kids?

Then of course the IRS is still sending all sorts of letters every few days which is very stressful. They use a lot of words like we owe, and interest, and penalties, not things I like to see. The funniest thing about that was when my post man came up to the house to get me to sign for the latest round of letters he asked if I had a business and had been cheating the IRS and was that why they were after us??? I was like "WHAT????", I wish. I said no we actually are a one income family and my husband is a teacher so not like we are big fish at all. SOOOOO then my little postman says oooh but you must have a business with the dogs because you have all this dog stuff and you must just take a lot of money under the table for your dog business, did they catch you? It was too funny, and left me wondering if the IRS was hiring mailman to gather evidence, would he later testify when I told him of my black market dog training business??? LOL, of course my doggie hobby just costs tons of money and none of it is reimbursed on our taxes. Sheesh!!! Do I look smart enough to make this expensive hobby pay for me??? I dont think so!!!

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Glennis said...

Ah thats life!
Maybe the taxation department does hire mailmen to check out neighbourhood bandids and tax dodgers! Haha.
I also get lots of jury summonds and always turn up, but never get chosen to serve.... at least I'v been lucky so far, no guarrentees for the next time!
Greetings from New Zealand.