Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Chloe -first AKC trial-Woodly Park

So Breeze/Chloe/I went to an AKC trial this weekend at Woodley Park. First off we got to see Molly/Eric run, and Molly was looking great, very sound and happy, Becky/Trevor ran-and they had some nice runs and an especially gorgeous JWW run where almost everything seemed to come together for them, and we saw Denise/Kody, although I was looking forward to spending some time with them but when I saw them I was getting ready for my standard run and then I didnt see them afterwards, but it was really great to see both of them there. Alicia was nice enough to be there both days even though she and Pickle just ran on Saturday. Pickle had some gorgeous runs and was looking very happy, confident and was running fast.

I was really sweating getting measured because it was Chloes first AKC trial and she is right on the line height wise. I knew if she measured over 14 inches we were going to have to scratch and she has been measuring all over the place around 14 inches. We squeeked by, although the judge could not do an official measurement so it was only good for this trial and we will have to deceide what we will be doing about the measurement at the next trial. I can put Chloe in performance then if she measures high she will still jump 12 inches, but she might jump 8 if she measures where I think she should....or I could put her in regular classes and if she measures over....just scratch and try again the next trial...so will have to think about that, but for this weekend, we made it in, LOL.

Now I was told that I have to mention three positive things before I can mention anything negative,.....so I will, hahahahahah.
1. Chloe was under time the whole time, she was basically happy and moving. A year ago we could not make time, and we had lots of time to spare so....that is a really positive thing.
2. I realized that Chloe just does an automatic down on the table and at class on thursday would not do a sit on the table. So we did some quick training and of course at this trial there was a sit on the table both days. The first day in excellent it was a down on the table and I thought I had it made, but they changed in the middle of the day. During the first standard run on Saturday Chloe looked at me like no way am I going to sit, but she did get up into a sit and hold it, YIPPIE!!! The second day-IT WAS A SIT AGAIN, but no problem Chloe sat like she had always been doing it, so we had a great table performance, which I had been worrying about.
3. I ran all my runs exactly as I had planned (except one run where I had watched the open and excellent and then when it was my turn I got thrown and took the route that they took and was off course for my run, but hey, it happens, LOL-lesson learned), and I did accurately predict any problems, I knew where we might have trouble and I know my little Chloe and she did just what I figured she would.
4. Chloe had no problems with the panel, the teeter (she has been bailing if I am not close enough), the broad jump and there was a tunnel as the first obstacle, no problem there, there was a chute followed very closely by a tunnel with the EYES for the timer there, something she had never seen any of those componants and she still just dived in and did fine, we hit all our contacts, what more could I ask for???
5. We did get TWO Q's, and a first and a second, so hey, that works for me.
6. Breeze/Chloe did very well, relaxed in their crates between times, we are getting our timing for getting ready more under control, I am getting my little routinue of how to get all my crap to and from the trial and what crap I need down. That might sound like nothing to the people that have done this for years but for us newbies that can really throw a person, not knowing if we need an easy up, how to get everything out and set up, trying to think of what we will really need, how to keep an eye on when our runs will start. AND like every trial I have been at but one-it has been small to tall jump order every time so there are rarely more then one or two dogs before it is my turn, so to get the dog ready, get the right amount of treats and fun and get the walk through and be ready on the line, that is one of those things that can throw me, but it is getting better. Especially with Chloe because I have to work a bit to keep her really up and happy.

OK SO I THINK I HAVE CONCENTRATED on the positive for long enough......now I can let our problems rip!!!!!! hahahahahhahhahhahah
Really it isnt that bad!
1. OK first off I thought I got whistled off for my start line. I will not even attempt to explain what the problem was, but basically I was starting Chloe past the plane of the first jump, facing the opposite way and then twirling her around over the first jump. I did get Whistled, and then Chloe wouldnt even come back to me, yes a proud moment, LOL, but the judge let me restart. I chose this method of starting Chloe because she wont hold a stay, like yes she has been taught a stay but she gets all worried and upset and then wont leave the line. IF I do it the way I have been doing it, she wont take off before I am ready, it gives me a little head start since I have to run with her and I can keep her up and happy. So, I will be investigating working on our start line and how to make that look and work better. Anyway, lesson learned and I can still do that start but I have to be more careful about my placement.
2. Chloe HATES THE HEAT. Every time we rounded a corner and there was shade, boom she dove for it. I was really trying to wet her down, but she is no dummy and sees no reason with all her hair to be running around in the heat. OF course ALL the weaves were under the trees with the jump setters right next to them and in the shade. Gosh talk about a prescription for disaster. Poor Chloe. So I was getting better about getting her wet down to her skin, I kept pouring water on her but it would roll off, so anyway, there is an art to wetting down a long haired dog. This was the first time she has missed weaves in a trial. She basically didnt even look at them and was just diving for the shade.
3. We have to work on treats. I am really concerned Chloe has figured out in a trial there is no hope of treats in the ring and is pretty bummed out about it. She has taken to figureing out where the treats were left and wanting to leave the ring to go to the place/person that has the treats, so as soon as she rounds a corner and sees the person/place, boom she is thinking lets cut to the end and get the treat business going.
4. As always there is my nerve problem, I do get nervous. The first several trials I did not get nervous, or not very nervous but the last trial was horrible and this one was a lot better but I was nervous. ONe time I yelled Chloes name and I heard my voice and thought eeeekes, sorry girl, I didnt mean to sound like that.

Sooooo all in all we did not have horrible runs, and there was not anything really hideous, and there were some good things, we all made it there and out in one piece, so all in all a good weekend.

I did spring for a room for the weekend. The trial was small enough and ended early enough that I could have went home, but who knew??? It was really relaxing though to sit and take a long walk with the dogs on saturday afternoon, there was a great pool, which felt great on the back, I had some great quiet time to sit and read in the evening and instead of getting up early and rushing around sunday I went out for a nice breakfast and was rested and refreshed and took my time getting to the trial. Too bad I couldnt do it that way all the time!!!

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