Saturday, July 11, 2009

AKC Novice JWW Pomona, CA Dan Butcher judge, first and Q

OH I am SERIOUSLY BUMMED. I REALLY, REALLY wanted to look at our run today and see what was going on but the video did not come out. Oh well. I had an AKC trial today with Breeze and we ran clean, ....well, clean for AKC because they do not fault weaves...but...the weaves were the worst we have ever done, LOL. We still completed the course in 33 seconds and got first, the course time was 41 seconds, so we had a lot more time, but goodness I can not imagine how fast her time would have been if we had got it together-with the weaves I was not sure we had made time, but we were fine on that, thank heavens for fast dogs. Usually Breeze only misses the entrance when I am too close to it, so we have been working on that and I have never had to do anything other then take her back to the start of the weaves and start again ONCE. This time though, guess we broke that rule..there was a nice line for jump one, two, three, and then just a straight forward very easy entry to the weaves. Not an entrance with any crosses before it, or turns or anything like that. So first time I think she entered on pole 2-3, then I took her back and she entered correctly, popped out at 3-4, then I took her back and she entered on the wrong side, and then gosh just felt like a never ending set of weave poles. I was thinking I wonder how long I can do this before they whistle us off, and I also thought I have NEVER tried the weave poles more then 2x's. I think we did four. Aghghghg, and she has been doing so well this week. Anyway, we got them, and the rest of the run was gorgeous, without a hitch. I just wonder if I said anything while she was weaving. I have noticed she gets nervous around pole 3 wondering if she did it right and if I say nothing then she will pop out thinking she did something wrong, if I say YES too loud she will get excited and lose it and pop out. I was going to say Poles, during the weaves to reassure her and remind her and we worked on that the last few days, but I really do not know if I did that or not. I think I vaguely remember her just wanting to look at me the second time and that is why she missed that time and was not wanting to look at the poles, and the last time I got her out, got my witts and told her to sit to calm her brain (I do remember she did not sit, so I let her go and she got the weaves). The start line was pretty sketchy, I was trying to hurry out and let her go before she broke and I let her go before I was ready because I could tell she was going to go and I did not want to take her off or let her break, but on that course the timing of letting her go was not a big deal.

Anyway, got Lizzies AKC measuremtents done this weekend for AKC, so if she ever trials we are good to go and a first AKC measurement for Chloe, and guess this next week will hold some weave pole work.

I am a bit concerned because tomorrow is USDAA, and PI which is Breeze's level since this is her first USDAA trial, she has twelve weaves, and when we did not do six...we might be in some serious deep Kimshee. They are predicting a warmer day tomorrow and it was pretty hot today, over 100 degrees, so hopefully we will not melt and hopefully I will remember Snookers and Gamblers rules, yikes!

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Diana said...

I cant remember if I say things on course either. I dont remember saying "weave" ect.. Im sure the weaves will be fine. Have fun. Diana