Wednesday, July 8, 2009

just a little practice session before the big trial this weekend for Breeze...

Check out my new tire on my tire jump. I was given the really nice tire a few weeks ago, and I got it all taped up and pretty and hung on my tire jump. I love my tire jump now!

I have not posted many of our practice videos, I have not had any lessons with Alicia and have been doing some lessons here in town, but those start at 7:30pm and run until like 10pm, so it is impossible to get video there, so I decided to post a little video because I like to have it for me to look back on when we will be perfect in a couple of months, then I can remember where we came from, LOL!!!!!Lizzie did pretty good in practice, I had to break down the first part of the sequence because she wanted to go around the tire, then she just was having trouble sticking her contact really well, but she was trying and she understands now, then I did not get it on video -but I had to break down with a toy coming out of the tunnel and finding the jump-coming to my side. It did not help that she reads my body really well and if I pull off the tunnel even a split second too soon and am moving laterally, then she thinks she is supposed to pull off the tunnel and come with me and of course collection after a jump is not her favorite thing-to put it mildly, LOL, but we both got it pretty quick. She really is such a good girl and really tries so hard, but check out how fast she can turn herself off and sit and hold a great stay. I think so far the sit at the start line is working better for her then the down was lately, I might try a stand too, she might like that, but right now the sit seems to be doing the trick, less chance for her nose to distract her little mind, she is pretty solid in a sit stay.

Breeze had been doing terrific on her stays and her contacts. I am not sure what has happened to the contacts, except we have been working a LOT on the dog walk and doing the 2020 there. Breeze has been doing a 4 on the floor, a crooked 4 on the floor but it has been really solid,not the prettiest thing but solid. I have been working on the Aframe and exercises to build her back end thinking that might be some of the reason she sort of just falls down the aframe and I have been trying to make sure her weight is shifted back, so maybe that is a fall out of that???? Anyway, Breeze has a lot of runs this weekend, an AKC JWW, and a USDAA gamblers and snookers (and has only done JWW in trials so far, or tunnelers, I am a bit concerned after our practice tonight!!!!)


Diana said...

I always seem to have terrible practices the days before a trail. Then I start thinking, maybe I shouldnt go. But it always turns out to be ok. Things will be fine. Be confident and have fun and everything will fall into place. I thought the dogs looked good. Diana

Epicurus said...

Good luck Kathy and have fun!!