Sunday, July 26, 2009


My youngest daughter really HATES that I feed my dogs raw food. She hates the ground meat, she is grossed out by the veggies?????, and she really hates when I feed fish, which was what was on the menu this evening. She always tells me that the dogs should be on kibble, and I tell her that there is the same things in kibble that the dogs are eating, they would still be eating chicken, and veggies and fish. So after the fish meal tonight she brought me in a paper to tell me why dogs should be eating kibble, LOL. She of courss says when she grows up and has her pomeranians they will definately eat kibble and she says she will find a good kibble, but it will be each his own.

I have had a really terrific week, and some GREAT experiences, and I will post about them tomorrow!!!!!!!!!

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Diana said...

Thats to funny. Diana