Monday, July 13, 2009

Chloe, my best little buddy can still have fun running with me...YIPPIE

Well, tonight was Deanna's class, and the topic was rear crosses and I got to run with my first little agility partner, Chloe. When I got ready to go I did not feel very good so I was about to just cancel, but I just decided to go because it always makes me feel better. Chloe the sheltie was not letting me out of the house without her and I had already decided to not take Lizzie because I just was not up to any huge challenges, LOL. Breeze was OK during the class, but of course we were working on the problems I knew we had, and when it was over I asked if I could run Chloe really quick before we put anything away. It was cool because it was almost ten at night and she was jazzed to finally have a turn and she was FANTASTIC. It felt so neat to run with her, she aced everything, she was running fast and gosh it was just like a terrific dance. I love my little Chloe and for so long when I ran her she did not seem that happy, and then it was hot and she hates the heat, and then it was messing up trying to learn to run Breeze because Chloe runs so differently, and then it messed up Chloe because I kept trying to run her like Breeeze, so we took a break and at that time it was not as fun to run her for a little while, and I was afraid we might never get the fun feeling running together back and that made me very sad for a long time..., but I think I was wrong about that after tonight. Maybe I will have to let her do a little more in the fall when it cools down, but what ever happens it sure made me feel good to be out there with my first partner, she is such a great dog.


Diana said...

That is so wonderful. Im so happy for you. Diana

Epicurus said...

I am so glad class went well:)

Epicurus said...
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