Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Lizzie and the sheep

I think the Liz had a very good border collie weekend. She got to pay n play agility on Saturday morning, followed by the beach and on Sunday morning she got to go herd the sheepies. My friend Carrie has been doing herding since last November and has been telling me I should take Liz because she thinks it will really help her, and it sure could not hurt. Liz was a little unsure of herself and not sure if it was OK to actually chase the sheep and it was not helpful that as soon as she really got going one of the sheep laid into her and got her good. The really funny thing is that when she would leave the sheep I would tell her, READY (her cue to get excited for agility) and she would whirl and go find the sheep and my marker word YES works for more then tricks, LOL. This was the first time she has ever been in a bigger field with the sheep. Deanna will not have classes for awhile because she is having her knee operated on, so......I think we will do a little herding with Liz in August, and work on our big list of things to train. I did make another video with the full herding session and I am really anxious to see how much difference I am sure there will be at the end of four lessons when Liz gets a little more confidence.

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Diana said...

Wow she looked great. She must have been tired after all that. Diana