Tuesday, June 16, 2009

After a lot of steps backwards for Liz...FINALLY another step forward!

Perhaps a week of having to sit in her crate and watch Breeze do agility class made it look much more fun to Lizzie to stay with me and actually do agility instead of trying to run off??? All I know is this week in Deanna's class I actually had a dog to work with. I got in the yard and Lizzie was paying attention and able to do her tricks so I did the first sequence with her. It was a sequence with some treadles, a lot of turns and collection--and I have to say she did great. The next sequence she did OK with but about half way through the course she deceided to run wander around a bit, so I did not want to give her a chance to run off because I saw where that was going, so I IMMEDIATELY got her and put her in the crate, which was very close- which helped with the dramatic effect of putting her away. I grabbed Breeze and played with her (I had not warmed her up so I could not run the sequence with her, but I got a good game going!). A few minutes later it was Lizzie's turn and we had a dog back again. Her 2020 contact on the Aframe was gorgeous...although then she kept wanting to go back to the Aframe because we had prebaited a target when she had taken the Aframe before..... Breeze of course did amazing. Breeze's Aframe contact was looking pretty good last night.

The greatest thing was that it is still cool wheather wise here. It is so unusual for this time of the year that it is not blazing hot until midnight, but I am really enjoying it because I know soon we will be hammered by scortching temperatures. The dogs love this weather for agility, and have to say...so do I.

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Diana said...

Im glad Lizzie is finally getting it. I wish we could get some cool temps. Its been blazing hot. Starting Friday its suppose to be 100. Yuk! Diana