Saturday, June 20, 2009


I have to wine today, so sorry but.....

I keep forgetting agility can be a contact sport! I must be getting old, but I have not slept in nights because in the middle of the night my knee just has shooting pains and wakes me up and I can not do anything to make it feel better so I usually get up and go outside and play with the dogs, the neighbors probably think I am batty playing ball in the middle of the night. So today I am out practicing the teeter and used one of my patented graceful moves and tripped over a sandbag (in retrospect it would have been good to pick that up before I practiced), and just went skidding along the ground, so now my formerly bad knee is really a doubly bad knee and is three times the size it was and all bloddy, my boob will never be the same-I almost got a reduction the hard way and my elbow looks like hamburger, and my hair is full of dirt, my shorts and shirt are torn, can someone remind me why I do this??? I must have been a site and I am just grateful there was no one with any video equipment there.

I was proud of myself though because Breeze has been having teeter issues and she was running up the teeter beside me when I went all I could think of was that I could not scare her, so I was able to keep my wits and yell, YES, good girl and throw the toy, or actually I think the toy just flew from my hand.....but what ever, it ended up where it should go. So no harm to the dog was done, LOL. I am sure she thought it was just another weird proofing thing.

Note to self, get padding for the back yard practice area, hard packed dirt with a little sand on top is a footing that hurts when ya fall, especially if ya skid.


Diana said...

Ok, now I know you are a hard core dog trainer. Only a hard core dog trainer would think , dont screw up the dogs teeter even if I broke my leg. LoL . I think I probably would have started crying. I hope you knee gets better.

Kathy said...

THANKS Diana, you could have said now you know I am clumsy...and you said something so nice! LOL If I was a really hard core trainer I guess I would have went out and trained again, but I came inside and just planned class for next week, that is as close to agility as I needed to get for the rest of the day, besides my poor little knee is huge and barely bends now, and my elbow really hurts.