Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Breeze gets an A+ at the vet, and a possible explaination about our weird contact behavior...

Breeze saw her holistic vet, Dr. Modglin yesterday and got an acupuncture and chiropractic treatment. The vet said Breeze actually looks pretty good. She had some signs of discomfort but really not any more/less then she usually has when she comes in for an adjustment. It has been almost three months since her last adjustment, and we have increased her level of training, a LOT, and she has started trialing and has trialed or done fun matches most of the weekends. Her shoulders did seem to have some signs they were being bothered but I am pretty sure that is because we have been doing contacts and I am going to have to retrain some of that because she is not using her back end to stop her on the Aframe she is using her shoulders to absorb all the shock of stopping. The vet did agree that it looks like it is possible the reason that Breeze is stopping in the position she is on the dog walk and Aframe is that it hurts a bit to stop using her back end and she has found that by running down not slowing herself down and just using her shoulders to stop herself and then her back end swings to the side with the momentum to be able to stop.....that maybe how she has found it is easiest way for her to stop on the contacts. That would explain why she is so intent on laying sideways at the end of the contacts. I am going to have to do a lot more thinking and training on this contact stuff.

Since the car accident where Breeze's side of the car was hit and her crate dented in from the impact, she has been afraid of a lot of things. It is very hard for her to relax, she has a teeter issues and she has always loved the teeter and will play the teeter bang game but will not do the full teeter. She flattened out and would not move at the NADAC trial and was shaking because she saw a hammer, she is afraid of her crate anywhere near the car, and if she hears a wire crate being collapsed she will just run and will not stop. Dr. Modglin gave me some amino acids that might help her calm down while I am working on desensitizing her to these things. She has always been a little spacey about life but this car accident brought that to a new level, poor thing it would be hard to live with the constant stress she seems to be feeling, so hopefully the medication will help take the edge off and make it easier for her to break that anxiety cycle.

I finally got my car back after the accident last night...weeks after they promised it would be ready, and would you believe there is still a panel on the inside that is not on? They said they will put that on when they get one, but you would think they would have ordered one a month ago, wouldn't you? I am just glad to have my agility mobile back.

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Diana said...

Thats unbelievable about your car. Poor Breeze. Miley hates the car. I dont know what I do if we had a accident. She would probably need to be sedated to get in again.

Makes sense about the contacts. You could always retrain to running contacts. Diana