Thursday, June 11, 2009

Moe Strenfel-Foundation Training for Agility-The road to a perfect partnership

Anyone who knows me knows I have my addictions, and one of my more harmless addictions, or at least I think it is harmless.....sort dog training DVD's. A friend of mine is scheduled to go to a seminar given by Moe Strenfel this month and it is on foundation training, so I really thought it would be something that I would not get that much out of and decided to save my money for something else. Another friend does have the DVD and because I was curious and I hate to miss out on anything-I borrowed it.

YIKES, there is some really, really great stuff. I thought it would be another DVD showing how to train equipment, and get dogs used to movement, that type of thing. WELL, there is more to this video then equipment skills for sure-this is a great DVD! Moe shows how to do a lot of flat work so your dog understands handling maneuvers, I love how she showed to break down front crosses and teach the dog where to be. The third DVD (it is a 3 DVD set) has some great stuff on how to teach rear end awareness and develop core strength using stools of different sizes, balance discs, and what she calls "pods". Nice exercises. Since I am teaching agility class this month I did see some things I am going to use.

I was surprised to find some good ideas even for my dogs that are well on their agility path. I did not get to sit and devour this DVD since I have an agility class to teach (where I am going to try a few things I saw).......but I did skim through it and am going to take my time with it tomorrow to really watch it and take some notes.

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Diana said...

Yea, DVD are hard to know if they are going to be good or not. Two that I felt were good are "Racheal Sanders running a-frame" and "2 X 2 weaves" (although expensive). Let me know what else you think of Moe Strenfel's DVD. I do have the Agility in Motion DVD's. Do you remember those. Those are good too. A bunch of different agility instructors teach you different things. ( Moe Strenfel, Racheal Sanders, ect.. ) Diana