Sunday, June 28, 2009

an afternoon at the movies, again!

I went to see My Sisters Keeper at the movies. I am not a antisocial person and I love to go with friends to a movie as much as the next person and some days going with a group IS the funnest thing about the movie, but...some days I LOVE to go to a move by myself, sit in the back seats and just get all wrapped up in the story, just thinking about how it is affecting me and what I think about the whole thing. I went by myself today to a very early showing and there were only like 3 people in the theatre. It was the new theatre that has only been open a couple of weeks and it was such a great morning. The move is about a girl who was conceived to provide cells, marrow, etc..for her sister who was dying of cancer.

Eventually the little girl sues to have rights to her own body when the dying sister needs her kidney. It was such a great story but it just seemed to be so much like so many things in life, there were no easy answers, no great solutions, and pretty much the situation everyone found themselves in was not fair in any sense of the word and pretty much sucked.

I really liked the movie and it was a great movie to get lost in for a few hours, although it had some pretty sad moments. There was one really cool dog in there that belonged to the lawyer. The lawyer said it was his service dog and said the dog kept him from magnets or something, LOL, but it was a really gorgeous, sweet, black/white border collie named Judge.


Diana said...

My daughter saw that movie last night and really like it. Diana

manymuddypaws said...

the book was great- haven't seen the movie yet though...