Monday, June 1, 2009

dog for sale, really cheap!

WARNING: FRUSTRATED RANT COMING UP: I started a class here in town with Deanna while Alicia is on vacation, just to get some more practice in and because usually Liz will work there nicely. I thought in light of her back sliding in her ability to listen and do agility, that might be a nice little class for her to work on her focus and get her back on track. It was a cooler temperature night, which felt nice, and there was a lot of wind, which always seems to make the dogs act spacey. Well, the naughty lizard was HORRID! REALLY HORRID! First off she barked like a banshee continuously, it was horrible. The class is pretty late so I could not let her do that because of the neighbors and it was dark, so I ended up having to take her out of the crate. Usually as soon as we get there she does that in her crate but as soon as she sees I will not run back and get her until she is quiet she stops, but not last night. I had to sit and hold Liz and Breeze the entire time which made walking the courses pretty impossible, not to mention having to have someone else hold Liz while Breeze was running. It was just very embarrassing to have her showing such horrible behavior. Then when I let her run some sequences, the little turd ball just took off. She would not come to me either, she did not do a full out zoomie but she did for the first time in a LONG time evade me and try to avoid me getting ahold of her and did take off a short distance. Well, that was the end of her working for that sequence, and I tried a few others but she just sailed around the jumps and was a total spazz and then took off running away. Today I am so frustrated with her and today I do not want to be patient and look at the progress she has made or look to the future, I just do not want to do agility with her at all at this moment. My car was not ready AGAIN today, which is just ticking me off it was supposed to be done weeks ago, and there is a new scratch on the rental car, which I did not do and I think got there in the parking lot at the trial, but gosh if I had my car when I was supposed to I would not have to worry about that. I could not put Liz in the car when she was so horrible because I had the rental and not my suv that has a nice crate for her.
We had just made such great progress and I had been feeling like she was almost there and on Sunday when I brought her to the trial with us she was sooo good, just as good that day as she was bad today....


Epicurus said...

Hang in there Kathy. this too shall pass. Could you leave Liz at home and just take Chloe and have a nice time that way?


Diana said...

Maybe its a full moon. Lol Diana