Tuesday, June 23, 2009

This weeks class-me and the girls are doing agility

These pictures were taken by Karen at Contact Point Ranch and I am so excited to get some pictures of the little Lizard doing actual agility.

We had our local class, with Deanna, and it was not our worst class....but not our best either. The good part is that Liz did work with me and do some of the course, and had killer contacts even on the dog walk which she has not done in a long time. The bad part is that Liz runs like a little kamakozee, really fast, fearless and with absolutely no collection, no matter what I try to show her about turns or stops in the course. YIKES. Also she has a real love for the Aframe and will go way out of her way to go back and forth over the Aframe. OOOOH Lizzie!

So after Lizzie's moment of glory, then we did some box work, and I took out Breeze. Gosh Breeze is doing good. So this was fun to do because it was looking at the rules of the front cross: You must be ahead of the dog, keep your eye on the dog, it involves a change of side, put it as close to the next obstacle AS POSSIBLE, and it changes direction, you put them on a curve. So by changing the order of the jumps and looking at the dogs path it was very interesting to see where the straight lines and where the curves were FOR THE DOG, so that explained where to put the front cross. We could also have done this exercise with rear crosses of course, that is why I LOVE box work. So the other interesting thing was that Breeze is getting VERY good at working out from me, and I have not adjusted so I was going way too much into the pockets and trying to babysit when Breeze was just fine with me staying way further back and just going to where I needed to go. It is awesome how much she is understanding all of a sudden. Deanna said our really great part of how we ran this was that I was able to leave very tight lines over the jumps and Breeze is very comfy working really close and coming in and just taking the room I give her, we are going to get this yet. So it was a pretty durn good class for my little girlies.

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Diana said...

The pictures are great! I think not being able to collect , or not wanting to collect, is a fast dog thing. Ive seen lots of young, fast boarder collies that are five obstacales down the line before they realize the handler isnt there. LoL. Im glad you had a great class. Diana