Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Breeze gets to go to the vet today...not her favorite place

Breeze physically has been looking great, well....actually Breeze has been looking great every other way too! Anyway, I have not seen any weird steps, she is doing a lot more work then she has ever done, she is jumping 16 inches and I still do not do nearly what I might with any other dog but a lot more for her. Breeze is not knocking any bars, things are mostly looking really good.

One thing I have noticed though is when she jumps on to the bed it seems like she doesnt pick up her back foot all the way, and she will get caught on the side of the bed and fall back down. A couple of times when she is doing things like that I have noticed the same type of thing....and it worries me given Breeze's hip dysplasia. Does she hurt and doesnt want to pick her foot up all the way because it is uncomfortable? Is she getting more arthritis so when she is not warmed up then it is like when they have troube getting up and that is what is up with jumping on the bed? She has been doing this quite a bit lately, say for about the last few weeks, and at first I just thought it was a weird isolated incident and she just got in a hurry and was not paying attention.

I am taking Breeze to my holistic vet this morning to have an accupuncture and adjustment done and see how the vet things she feels. I think it is about time to get another xray, I had planned to have one this summer after Breeze got to full activity and had been doing agility for awhile and see if there were any changes since last summer.

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Diana said...

Thats a good idea. Ill keep my fingers crossed that everything is ok. I have ramps up to my bed and an old ottaman on the side. That way none of the dogs have to jump to high to get on and off the bed. Plus I have chihuahuas, so they need it to get up their. Diana