Saturday, October 3, 2009

Bark in the Park-Lancaster, CA

BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR.....I took Breeze to a show n go at the Lancaster Bark in the Park...tons of dogs and lots going on. Breeze is really getting more and more excited doing agility and for so long I was having trouble with her not wanting to drive ahead of me and trying to run with her head turned backwards, LOL, little goofy based on what has been going on the past few weeks, I think...we can say we have conquered that problem and now Breeze just feels she is ready to run the course by herself, no handler needed, LOL. She does pretty good but she does look for and find lines that make sense to her, which is not necessarily the course, and like today going to the table she felt we could safely bypass that and go to the chute. She has always LOVED the table so I did not give really strong support to that because she has never needed it, but the table is not a favorite place, so guess a few table games are in order. Anyway, she no longer runs with her head backward trying to look at me--fixed that a little too well, LOL. Guess balance in all things is nice!

Bark in the Park had tons of things going on, lots of dogs which were mostly pretty well behaved (in my experience that is not always the case at those kind of events, but most of the dogs were really well behaved dogs), there were lots of people and Breeze did AWESOME. Soooo fun to have a nice, well socialized dog, I really appreciate that about Breeze. First she did the show n go agility run and really did pretty well, then she did the game where you let your dog run and they track the speed with a radar gun and she was the second fastest dog of the day, then we tried some dock diving. It was the first time we tried dock diving and she was soooo excited and wanted to go up there so bad, but then she was afraid to actually jump in. Breeze stood at the end and was half way over the edge, I so wanted to just touch her which would have knocked her in...but of course I did not do that. She did run in off the ramp they can use to get out so a few more tries and I think she might actually be able to do it.

The greatest thing is that Breeze was so relaxed with all those people for a change it did not bother her when people wanted to pet her. Usually Breeze wants to go up to people but she will alarm bark and scare the pee wad out of the potential petter when they try to pet her-so I usually try to watch and intervene but today she was totally relaxed and loved all the attention she got. Breeze even went up to some kids and was letting them say HI to her and she was great with the other dogs, she was a very good girl, and when there was down time she was able to lay down on her side and relax, she was really on her best behavior.


Diana said...

"no handler needed" ,Miley has that syndrome too sometimes. Im glad Breeze did so well. Hey, how fast was she running? Diana

Kathy said...

I think it was 39 mph, I had Alicia hold her and I went out front with a ball, Breeze was pulling so hard and so excited to run after the ball....She gets to be more of a nut the older she gets!

Sam said...

What a great dog! I'm envious of you - I wish I didn't have to worry about Marge freaking out with so many people around.