Thursday, October 15, 2009

Front Cross day at class

Breeze went to the agility class that is by my house today and she did great. The topic of the class was front crosses and we were ONLY allowed to use front crosses for everything.
1.must be ahead of the dog to do a front cross
2.Keep your eye on the dog and make sure they have read it and are still with ya ;-)
3.changes the side of the dog-change of side
4.turns the dog-put on a curve
5.Perform as close to the next obstacle as possible
Breeze did good, in the bottom sequence on the course map which is the one we did first -I had trouble sliding over quick enough to get the front cross from 9 to 10 jumps and Breeze had trouble going from handler focus when I did that front cross to looking for the next jump and going back to looking for obstacles.
The second course which is the one I put the clip of-I had walked it wrong so I hesitated slightly before the jumps a couple of times because I was not sure of where I was going, and I almost forgot the last jump, and Breeze was not understanding the first jump, it was a severe slice and I knew she would have some problems so I deceided to break it down and reward her after she ran around it the first time, so I threw the ball to reward her getting it right when she went over the first jump. All in all we had a GREAT class. The weather was gorgeous, Breeze was running nice and looking good, and we were doing agility, so it was all good. And what is an agility class without a sheltie barking in the background, LOL, made me feel right at home because that is what my shelties are always doing, but this one for a change was not mine ;-).


Diana said...

Very Nice!! Diana

Sam said...

The weather DOES look gorgeous! It's been so cold here which leads to crazy Marge at class, who wants to run around aimlessly instead of go where she's supposed to go. Breeze looks great!

That sequence looks tough, especially those first two jumps. I HATE front crosses lol, I am so much more a back cross person. So I really need to work on those.

Kathy said...

I used to HATE when Deanna did the classes where you just have to do front crosses or you just have to do rear crosses but I have to say it really is nice in the long run to get everyone doing things they would shy away from