Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Clicker Kimmie

It is cold and rainy today, so I did one session a few weeks ago trying to see if I could clicker train something with Kimmie the cat, and given the weather....seemed like a good thing to try today. So I want to get this a little stronger and use that as a first step for a trick. Kimmie is 5 yrs old and has no tricks, she has done some training of us...but we have not trained her.

Skyler is a new dog today, I know the vet tech said it would take a week to see changes, but don't tell that to Skyler, he is happy, following me around and looks like he feels 100% better, his little magic thyroid pills are working well ;-) .


Sara said...

Ok, that was brilliant! You don't see clicker trained cat tricks very often. Cool!

Glad to hear Skyler is feeling better.

Sam said...

That is SO COOL!

I've wanted to try this with my cat, who is 11, but she has allergies and is on a restricted diet, so we don't give her too many treats.

I should try it, though.. it's good to keep their minds sharp.

Kathy said...

I feel bad sometimes for Kimmie, she is an only cat, although I think the dogs entertain her, and she is not allowed outside for her safety....so she seems to love the training, she purrs the whole time and seems to want to come and play....you should totally try it with your cat, it was suggested to use tuna, I used that with Kimmie or a ground turkey, like a baby food, or ground chicken and I think with the baby food you could get unsalted so maybe it would not be too far off the diet??

Tammy Moody said...

Aww, what a sweet cat.

I am happy to hear Skylar is feeling better.