Sunday, October 11, 2009

Skyler's blood goes to Dr. Dodds lab...

I just found out my poor guy Skyler has some serious thyroid issues going on. His thyroid levels are sooooooo low, no wonder he has not felt good lately. I can not wait for Monday so I can get him in to his vet and get him started on some Thyroid medication.

Funny how things can just sort of creep up on you. The oldest member of my pack is Skyler who is 7 yrs old, a tricolor sheltie and my first agility pal. Skyler has had a rough life, he had parvo as a pup, then no one wanted him because they were afraid of the parvo, so he came to me, then I found somewhere along the way his little tail had been damaged so he has no sensation and can not move it. His tail can make people think he is not happy-along with his black eyes that are not as easily seen, and it makes it hard for him to get his tail out of the way when he poos. He was not really comfortable in agility classes and we did LOTS and LOTS of reactive dog classes, lots of work, lots of learning, he is the dog that started me down the path to learning all I have about dog training, behavior, etc... Eventually I deceided he was happy doing back yard agility and playing and just being a friend.

Skyler has always had a gorgeous coat, tons of undercoat, he has always sheds tons but he has always been gorgeous. Anyway, lately it seemed like some of the changes in him happened slowly, then all of a sudden-I just feel bad I did not put together all the pieces earlier. The past few weeks I noticed that when I came out in the morning I could hardly wake him up, I would have to go over and really shake him. He has all of a sudden HATED going outside, and even started peeing in the house sometimes so he could avoid going outside. I felt like it seemed like it was just too much effort for him to move. That went on for a few days, then he seemed to snap out of that, but that was when I noticed his coat changes. He has gotten picky about his food. Poor guy does not seem to care when Breeze would be bossy to him (he is Breezes only target with her bossiness lately). I also noticed that Sky moved like everything hurt him. Then I was noticing how much he was shedding and went to brush him and noticed that the dog that had such thick hair that I could never find his skin....had some bald spots behind his legs and I could easily find his skin.

I have been to several seminars with Dr. Jean Dodds who is one of the foremost authorities on thyroid matters and also has the project to study and eventually be able to change the rabis vaccination laws-she wants to prove how long the innoculations last and make the revaccinations that are required based on how long the vaccine will work not just every few years for the heck of it. I knew that the thyroid test that Dr. Dodds lab will do is based on 5 thyroid tests and she reviews them herself and gives recommendations and the 7200 Panel includes the full thyroid and the CBC for the price my vet charges for a CBC. I paid $115, plus a blood draw fee to my vet, plus postage, but so much cheaper then the $300+ I have paid for thyroid panels in the past.
They also do distemper/parvo titers for about $36 for both the titers, if you need blood work you should check it out. Dr. Dodds staff has always been wonderful, they have been very nice when I call and check to see if the blood got there, they have always looked and checked on my results when I called and my friend who sent blood too got a call from Dr. Dodds herself late at night to check what the age of the dog was because my friend had forgot to put that on the form and they needed it for the analysis. I got my results emailed to me on a Saturday night which I appreciated because I had been waiting anxiously for the results. Dr. Dodds thyroid panel is the only one that will factor in the dogs age/breed. In addition to the great prices and service, I really like that it is supporting a good cause.

The other part of Dr. Dodds business is a blood bank, she takes Greyhounds from the dog racing tracks and they live at her facility which I hear is a very nice place for the dogs and she uses the dogs for blood donors that provide blood and blood products for other dogs and at the end of the time the dogs stay with her she adopts them out to homes. I really like Dr. Dodds, if you ever get a chance to attend one of her seminars I would recommend going, I have learned something new each time I go to one.


Sam said...

Aww, Skyler is adorable. So sorry about the recent health concerns. Sounds like he's had a lot to deal with in his life. Good luck with the tests.

I got the results back from Dr. Dodds last night for Marge's tests. I didn't speak to my vet yet so I didn't post anything on my blog about it, but her thyroid doesn't seem to be a concern. Unfortunately, because the sample got there so late (stupid Postal Service!) the CBC results weren't complete. But at least I know it's not the thyroid.

Diana said...

Poor Skyler. I hope you find some answers. He seems older than 7yo., huh. Diana